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Thursday, May 2, 2013

Tom Friedman Sex Tape?

UPDATE  Taibbi has now done part of a column on this and printed what he considers the many swell replies.   I like, "Hot, Flat and Over."  And "Debbie Does Davos." And more to come, so to speak.

Earlier:  Thought this headline might get your attention.  Not that any of us would like to think of it.  But in the fertile mind of Matt Taibbi it perhaps exists.  Inspired by the outrage of Friedman's 401-k column today,  he posted this at Twitter less  than an hour ago:  "Okay, contest time. What would a Tom Friedman porn film be called? I nominate 'Something Really Big Is Happening.'"

Well, the entries poured in to @mtaibbi apparently. My response: Has the film already appeared? You know, "Taxicab Confessions."   One guy proposed "The Next Six Inches Are Critical."  Others: "The Friedman Unit."  "Only The World Is Flat."  I guess his most famous quote--"Suck On This"--is too obvious.  More to come.

Taibbi has posted a link to a coffee mug with a moustache on it and, I guess, a dirty quote, which is for the first prize.  He promises to release entries and winners soon.

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