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Monday, May 6, 2013

Three Young Cleveland Women Found--After Ten Years

UPDATE #2  The Guardian is live-blogging this morning's press conf.  Police only came to house once during all those years, knocked on door, no one home.  Watch it now.  Chief says Amanda Berry is "the real hero" here.  She broke out bottom of secure door to "get out. " No details from the three women yet.  

UPDATE #1  Three men arrested, all brothers, one a school bus driver.  See photo of one of the freed women in hospital with her baby and her sister.

Enormous story for Clevelanders tonight as two teens who disappeared separately a decade ago, plus another girl, missing even longer, turn up at a house, whose owner arrested, plus more strange stuff.  (See Google street view of his house, where he kept them, that I found.)

This was giant story locally for years and residents holding block parties and so on tonight.  Details are sketchy but very strange. In truly bizarre twist, the son of the alleged kidnapper wrote story about the case as a college journalism student in 2004 but claims he knew nothing about his father's role (never visited house?)   Interview with neighbor  who called police.  Video of interview.   And tape of his call to police.  One of the women came out holding a baby: hers.  All three young women in okay condition at hospital.  Tweets:

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