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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Sanford Does Not "Trail" Colbert Busch at End of Night

UPDATE: It's all over, and Sanford wins comfortably.  In case you wondered if there are two Americas today.

Earlier:  Live vote updates from South Carolina here with real-time frequent updates.  Right now Sanford with 5,000 vote and 5% lead with good amount in.  But less of vote in Charleston.  Is that good for her? Markos Mouilitsas tweets: "Win-win tonight: either Colbert-Bush wins, and we pick up a seat, or Sanford wins, and we make fun of "family values" Republicans forever."  Markos said she had to be within 1% in Beaufort County to win and now vote is all in there and she lost by 6% there.  Curtains?

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