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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Banging Clapper

So my former columnist at Nuclear Times, Fred Kaplan, at Slate today called for Clapper's firing due to his outright lies about the NSA surveillance.  Good, but not a shocker, limited impact, etc.  But now Andy Rosenthal, longtime editorial page editor at NYT, seemingly has joined the call in his blog post.   I dig this line:  "You have to wonder about giving a position of vast responsibility to someone who can beat Mr. [Alberto] Gonzales in dishonesty."  He adds:
I doubt Mr. Obama is going to do that [fire him]. But, as Mr. Kaplan said, Mr. Clapper’s participation in any public discussion of the limits of data mining will be of no value, since we are going to have to parse his meanings of complex words like “yes” and “no.”

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