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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Blogging the Bradley Manning Trial, Day #5

 As I did last week, I will closely follow reports from those on the scene.  Among those inevitably there, the stalwart Kevin Gosztola, co-author of my Truth and Consequences book about the case, just updated to last week.  All times ET.

7:00 Reuters on witness hearing Assange at Berlin conference in 2009 allegedly soliticiting military secrets.  And more evidence against Manning.  All from prosecution, one must remember. 

6:00 Nathan Fuller's wrapup on the day and the lack of Jason Katz-Manning link. 

5:00 Alexa O'Brien:  "USG case for Garani based on CENTCOM server DESTROYED."  

1:30  Gosztola:  "Two of witnesses whose stipulated testimony was entered into record in Bradley Manning's trial today were Booz Allen contractors."

1:00 Fuller:  Re-cap of morning testimony.  Gosztola's re-cap.  A great deal of "stipulated" testimony only.   O'Brien:  Gov't case so far mainly "circumstantial."  And "they are failing."

9:30  Nathan Fuller:  "Gov's evidence for proving had "actual knowledge" that the enemy used is weak."

8:30  Getting ready for another day, enjoy this item about Clark Stoeckley, famed driver of the Wikileaks Truck, which has taken him to the Manning trial (yes, he gets in) every day.  Now comes word that he is drawing the scene and will produce a record of the trial--in comic book form--this fall.  His view of Manning supporters at left (they have to wear their TRUTH t-shirts inside-out to gain admission).

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