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Monday, June 10, 2013

Blogging the Bradley Manning Trial, Day #4

As I did last week, I will closely follow reports from those on the scene as the trial begins following recess since last Wednesday.  Among those inevitably there, the stalwart Kevin Gosztola, co-author of my Truth and Consequences book about the case, just updated to last week.  All times ET.

6:30 Over for the day.  O'Brien's wrapup. Earlier:  "your jaw would drop if you saw the last 2 witnesses-- like watching a gigantic 3 year long propaganda balloon fart."

5:00  Gosztola: "Special Agent Mark Mander describes logo: 2 globes in an hourglass 'Top uppermost one appears to be dripping to other one.'"

4:00 Not much to report--there was a three-hour lunch break.  Meanwhile, from O'Brien: "Tornado watch at Fort Meade, MD. We are told that we will need to evacuate to Male and Female Bathrooms-- if the shit hits the fan."

2:00 Gosztola:  "CWO5 Jon Larue, Apache pilot testifying this afternoon. Is he soldier from 'Collateral Murder'? Secret for now."

1:00  Fuller:  "Reuters & Wash. Post are not at the trial today, NYT reporter left early. AFP, RT, & HuffPost are here too, along with us regulars."

12:10  O'Brien: "Defense is coming out swinging, folks. They are trying to pre-empt the USG case and own the agenda."  Aggressive cross-examination of today's witnesses on Manning accessing files. 

11:20  Guy named Shaver on Manning searching for info on WikiLeaks, Iceland etc. near end of 2009.  Also, see Gosztola's first daily wrapup

10:50  Fuller:  "Recess. Army forensic expert David Shaver testified about 's use of Intelink, the Army's secure version of Google."

10:15 Alexa O'Brien (@carwinb) has witness list for today and this week. 

10:00  Nathan Fuller (of Manning support group): "Curious to see how or if coverage of 's trial changes in light of 's NSA leaks. A little more press at Ft. Meade today."

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