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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Blogging the Manning Trial, Day 3

Once again I'll follow closely below, from tweets from the site and other sources.  See new edition of my book with Kevin Gosztola, "Truth and Consequences," updated to last week, with a lengthy new Intro from Kevin and more.  He is there today @kgosztola.  All times ET.

4:40  As always, to Kevin Gosztola for full wrap-up.  Nathan Fuller's summary here.

3:40  Recessed until Monday (due to fast pace so far). 

3:30  Fuller"Coombs: any websites known to be enemy sources for intelligence, Fulton mentioned Facebook, Google, Google Maps. No mention of ....This directly undercuts the government argument that knew that going to meant going to the enemy. Very important."  O'Brien:  "Defense also established via Fulton testimony that would have been encourage to 'surf' SIPRnet for his professional development."  See her @carwinb for next week's witnesses, mysteries and more.

2:30  Fuller:  "Gov't tries to insinuate 's dereliction of duty, but Hack testifies that whole unit wasn't providing much intel."  Alexa O'Brien:  "Everytime USG tries to scapegoat you will hear defense bring up the breakdown in chain, and the dereliction of duty, etc."

2:00  Kevin Gosztola on Manning attorney now: "Coombs: Prosecutors arguing Bradley Manning was 'somehow derelict in his duties because he was somehow working for WikiLeaks.'"

1:00  Alexa O'Brien:  "Balonek invoked Article 31 at pretrial (pled the 5th) in Dec 2011. Likely to have received immunity in order for him to testify....Defense came back and established with Balonek that was authorized to download docs from SIPRnet on his SIPRnet machine....Defense also established that discussed a future in the military with Balonek, his mentor-- goes to wanton, and aiding enemy...Defense argues was selective, that offsets a case for wanton-- the USG does the opposite." 

12:30  Fuller:  "Recess. Kyle Balonek & Showman done testifying. Balonek testimony had debate over whether Iraq/Afghan war logs used source names."  Gosztola:  "There was no prohibition against 'surfing' the SIPRnet if you were interested in politics & had no work to do."

12:15  Gosztola: apparently decided they didn't need to have reporter here to cover third day of Bradley Manning's trial."

11:30  AP on "Kafkaesque" secrecy around the trial.

10:40 Pilkington: "Most vivid line out of day 3 of trial so far: 'He liked to attend martini parties in the DC area,'"

10:15  Key testimony from Jihrleah Showman, from Manning's unit.  (Note: She  hit Manning suppporters as "ignorant" and "thoughtless" in a 2012 tweet.)  Alexa O'Brien: "Her testimony was given concerning 's *knowledge* of the internet."  Nathan Fuller:  " frequently talked about politics, wanted to debate fellow soldiers about U.S policy, on the 'extreme Democratic side'".

9:10  As always,  key commentary from Gosztola.   Plus, no shock:  "On 3rd day of Bradley Manning's trial, press pool is down to less than 20 reporters." Ed Pilkington of The Guardian:  "Today trial takes us into unit in Iraq where soldier worked as intelligence analyst. Will hear frm his supervisor & peers." 

8:55  Transcript of Adrian Lamo's testimony from yesterday.  Other transcripts.

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