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Saturday, June 8, 2013

Blogging the NSA Scandals

Don't miss live-blog at The Guardian, not surprising since they helped break the twin bombshells this week.  But it's well done and very valuable this morning with updates and links and analysis.  Hell, I'd do live-blog myself, as I did with WikiLeaks and Occupy and a few other suhjects for so long, but don't feel I am expert enough on his subject.   See link at Guardian blog to James Fallows piece, for example,  and then there's this:
A final bombshell in the Times: tech company "employees whose job it is to comply with Fisa requests... in some cases have national security clearance." And yet the leaders of these companies vehemently deny any knowledge of a program called Prism and take umbrage at the suggestion that they would ever participate in such a thing.

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Anonymous said...

am confused as to why The Guardian is so keen on this scandal when they dropped Assange and Wikileaks which exposed so much more.