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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Chet Flippo, R.I.P.

The longtime Rolling Stone writer, reviewer and editor has died at 69, no causes specified.   Never met him though our careers overlapped--I wrote for Stone in 1970 and then at Crawdaddy the rest of that decade--but always heard from folks who did know him that he was good guy.   His Facebook photo featured the old Lone Star in NYC--across the street from the Crawdaddy office--where I spent many a night (and lunch).  He hailed from Texas but ended up in Nashville and contributed a lot of country music getting more respect in the rock world (he championed Willie and other "outlaws" early on).  Read his fine (first modern) Hank Williams bio back around 1980.  He later wrote a McCartney bio.   His wife Martha Hume died just last December.

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