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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Hastings, FBI, WikiLeaks, Truthers

UPDATE #3 Thursday  No further word from WikiLeaks feeds on below, nor any Twitter comment from Jen Robinson.

UPDATE #2  As I noted below, WikiLeaks' feed on Twitter said earlier they had some intriguing info, and now just released this:

"Michael Hastings contacted WikiLeaks lawyer Jennifer Robinson just a few hours before he died, saying that the FBI was investigating him."  But she has silent on Twitter @suigenerisjen

UPDATE  Yes, there's laughable "conspiracy" thread at, where else, Reddit.  I like the body abducted idea.  And the car taken over by remote driving device.  Also, "Boston brakes."  Meanwhile, The Guardian has had to remove a bunch of comments on its piece, we can imagine why. WikiLeaks not helping by tweeting just now:   "Michael Hastings death has a very serious non-public complication. We will have more details later."

Earlier: You may have forgotten, if you ever knew, that an official 2011 Pentagon probe of the late Michael Hastings' takedown piece of Gen. McChrystal called the article into question.  Then again, they interviewed only 15 witnesses--and neither the general nor Hastings!  See Rolling Stone's full defense of the piece.  The highlight on the Pentagon report, for me:
The inspectors did suggest that some version of a Biden slur may have occurred, although they said they were unable to establish the exact words and the speaker. “We consider credible a witness’ recollection that General McChrystal said, ‘Are you asking about Vice President Biden? Who’s that?’ and that a follow-on comment or rejoinder of some sort referring to Vice President Biden was made,” the report said. “Witness testimony led us to conclude that someone in the room made a rejoinder about Vice President Biden to General McChrystal’s comment, and that the rejoinder may have included the words ‘bite me.’ ”

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Charles Frith said...

You are way out of your depth if you are ridiculing conspiracy speculation. Body doubles and swaps are standard high end murder techniques.

A conspiracy theorist is a person who doesn't trust known liars.

The more mainstream you go, the less you know.

A paranoid is a person who knows a little what is going on - William Burroughs