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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Elsewhere in Texas...

UPDATE #2  The state's mission accomplished.  Execution #500 is in the books.   GOPers in Texas for sanctity of the unborn, but certain deeply-flawed adults...

UPDATE  Execution about to go forward. Meanwhile, ABC chats with the former warden there at Huntsville who set record, overseeing 140 deaths.  No regrets, he says. 

Earlier: The state poised to set a modern record with its 500th execution, i.e., state murder, since 1976,  late this afternoon, with the prisioner being black--nothing ususual about that--and a woman (still a rarity).   Since the death penalty returned in the 1970s, Texas has carried out 37% of all of them in the USA.   And nearly 400 of the state's 500 have been ordered by governors Bush and Perry.  See here for my ebook "Dead Reckoning" on the history of capital punishment in America to the present day, covering key issues.

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