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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Explosion at College

Just a few minutes ago a blast of unknown origin ripped through a campus building at Nyack College, less than a mile down the road from hy house.  Scores said to be injured.   I am not on the scene but helicopters hovering overhead (drowning out the cicadas).  This is a full-scale Christian college of about 3000 students with many young missionaries, among others.  My wife was walking right at that scene a couple of hours ago. We used to get babysitters from the college regularly.

Update: This report has seven taken to hospital so far and others "trapped" by possible "gas explosion."  Later updates suggest no one now trapped and the injuries not "life-threatening."  Appears to be gas leak, with one student saying she smelled it before explosion. 


Howard Martin said...

I would hope that some limited Divine Intervention could be permitted in this case.

Howard Martin said...

I would hope some limited Divine Intervention would be provided in this instance.