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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

'Explosive' Snowden Interview

It seems that the only person, so far, to find Edward Snowden, still in Hong Kong apparently, is a local reporter, not any law enforcement officer or chief renderer.  And he's given an interview today, now updated, for the paper, the South China Morning Post, in which he rejects the labels "hero" and "traitor" and explains why (despite the mockery) he came to that locale:  not to be most safe but to reveal more "criminality."  He will resist extradition and put his faith in the locals to shield him.  The paper promises "the full story" with "explosive" revelations "soon."

UPDATE  Newspaper now reports Snowden claims U.S. has been "hacking" computers in China and Hong Kong for years.  He even showed some documents (unknown what) to the reporter, which may cause alarms.
Snowden said that according to unverified documents seen by the Post, the NSA had been hacking computers in Hong Kong and on the mainland since 2009. None of the documents revealed any information about Chinese military systems, he said.
One of the targets in the SAR, according to Snowden, was Chinese University and public officials, businesses and students in the city. The documents also point to hacking activity by the NSA against mainland targets.
Snowden believed there had been more than 61,000 NSA hacking operations globally, with hundreds of targets in Hong Kong and on the mainland.  “We hack network backbones – like huge internet routers, basically – that give us access to the communications of hundreds of thousands of computers without having to hack every single one,” he said.
“Last week the American government happily operated in the shadows with no respect for the consent of the governed, but no longer. Every level of society is demanding accountability and oversight.”  Snowden said he was releasing the information to demonstrate “the hypocrisy of the US government when it claims that it does not target civilian infrastructure, unlike its adversaries”.
 Snowden also commented on U.S. likely "bullying" governments to get at him, and asked supporters signing petititons in his behalf to use their energy writing letters to leaders protesting the NSA deceit.

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