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Friday, June 14, 2013

Greenwald Responds to Critics

After his flurry of writings last week, Glenn Greenwald has gone missing, at least in print, for several days, busy explaining and defending the NSA/Snowden leaks while preparing new material.  Now he's just out with a lengthy column in The Guardian in which he makes his clearest statement yet on upcoming revelations (and they're coming verysoon, he discloses), tackles attacks on Snowden by liberal media and congressional figures; and much more.

Of extra interest:  He responds fully to attacks on that part of his PRISM report on NSA having "direct" access to servers for Google etc.  You can decide for yourself if his defense is convincing but I have to agree with him when he hits Rick Pearlstein for claiming that he had failed to respond previously.  Gosh, I haven't been paying THAT much attention and I covered on this blog days ago Greenwald's defense on Chris Hayes' show, and he cites several others.   But this critique will probably wash away IF the upcoming revelations prove as explosive as promises.

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