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Monday, June 10, 2013

Greenwald vs. Gellman Re: Snowden

My new piece at The NationUPDATE  #1:  Kevin Drum at Mother Jones asks, what's on the 35 or so PRISM slides that neither the Post nor The Guardian chose to publish, despite Snowden's request/demand?   He wants Greenwald and Gellman to desctribe why not published and maybe, generally, what they pertain to.  I would add that I doubt that it was the two reporters' call.

UPDATE #2  Mike Calderone at Huff Post has just written this valuable untangling, with film-make Laura Poitras, it turns out, playing perhaps THE key role.  Snowden, he explains,  first approached Greenwald months ago but Glenn was stymied by tech issues and didn't know what the leak entailed.  Poitras met Greenwald later and told him that Snowden had told her details and this sparked all that followed.   As for Gellman:  It appears true that Snowden did go to him first with PRISM, and then to Greenwald.  But Greenwald objects to Gellman suggesting that Glenn was the second choice all along, when in fact he had gotten the first leak...first.

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