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Saturday, June 22, 2013

Hastings Sent Email on FBI Probe

KTLA in Los Angeles tonight published what it claims is a copy of an email that Michael Hastings sent to friends and colleagues at Buzzfeed revealed that the FBI was probing him and warning the agency might question them.  If true, this would confirm WikiLeaks claim that he contacted an attorney for the group about the same time.  The email, as far as I can see, has not yet been fully confrmed, however.  It also states that he was was working on a "big" story--and that he was going "off the rada," that is, radar, for awhile.  More here.

I reported earlier this weekend that the FBI has denied any Hastings investigation.

UPDATE:  KTLA also disclosed that a dashboard cam just before the Hastings crash caught him running a red light at high speed--and no cars following him at all, contrary to some of the conspiracy theories.  Here it is, along with arrival at crash site:


Anonymous said...

Greg, The paragraph (sentence) is confusing. A "dashboard cam"? In whose car?

Anonymous said...

Why would remote control require a car to follow?

You might do better to interview Elise (widow) to discover his purported whereabouts that fateful morning.