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Saturday, June 15, 2013

Hong Kong Paper With Hacking Details

You may recall that when that Hong Kong daily interviewed Edward Snowden on Wednesday he divulged claim about U.S. hacking of computers there and elsewhere in China--even showed them some documents.  But they did not reveal details then,while promising to do so soon.  Now they have today.  This will only spark more debate and controversy and rumors over what Snowden's up and China's reaction.  Here's excerpt:
The detailed records - which cannot be independently verified - show specific dates and the IP addresses of computers in Hong Kong and on the mainland hacked by the National Security Agency over a four-year period.
They also include information indicating whether an attack on a computer was ongoing or had been completed, along with an amount of additional operational information.
The small sample data suggests secret and illegal NSA attacks on Hong Kong computers had a success rate of more than 75 per cent, according to the documents. The information only pertains to attacks on civilian computers with no reference to Chinese military operations, Snowden said.
"I don't know what specific information they were looking for on these machines, only that using technical exploits to gain unauthorised access to civilian machines is a violation of law. It's ethically dubious," Snowden said in the interview on Wednesday.

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