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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

James Gandolfini Dead at 51

On top of other recent shockers, tonight we have death of actor James Gandofini, reportedly of a heart attack, while attending a film festival.  Seemed older, due to balding and weight, but was only 51.  Reported first at TMZ so suspect news at first but now confirmed by Variety, but awaiting more.   My son worked with him on set of a film two years ago--that David Chase movie "Not Fade Away"-- and found him swell.  Now HBO confirms death.  Some of his post-Sopranos work here.  That final Sopranos' scene here.

If you've forgotten, he did a lot of good work with Iraq and Afghanistan vets, including HBO doc, which he talks about here.  He did a second HBO doc on vets from several wars, PTSD and more.

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Diane Keenan said...

second chances don't come for everyone, Your purposes are yet to come, Jesus bless you, guide you, and thank you for your service!!