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Monday, June 10, 2013

Laura Poitras Speaks

First post-NSA scoop interview with the film-maker visits how she got the ball rolling after first contacted in January,  and much more--including why NYT did not end up with it.  "I can say from conversations I had with him after that, I think he had a suspicion of mainstream media. And particularly what happened with the New York Times and the warrantless wiretapping story, which as we know was shelved for a year. So he expressed that to me."


Are you worried about retaliation in any investigation that goes forward?

You know what? I’m not. I’ve been harassed for a long time, I wouldn’t be surprised if that continues. Being here and seeing the kind of — actually, Glenn was really inspiring. Really incredible courage in journalism and just saying, we need to talk to him about these things. It’s not okay that we have secret court that have secret interpretations of secret laws, what kind of democracy is that? I felt like, this is a fight worth having. If there’s fall out, if there’s blowback, I would absolutely do it again, because I think this information should be public. Whatever part I had in helping to do that I think is a service.

People take risks. And I’m not the one who’s taking the most in this case.

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