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Monday, June 3, 2013

Liveblogging First Day of Bradley Manning Trial

And so it begins (after three years).  I'll follow closely today below, from tweets from the site  and other sources.  My new piece at The Nation on  trial starting--plus key excerpt from new edition of my book with Kevin Gosztola, who is there today @kgosztola.

8:15 Don't miss photos of  WikiLeaks Truck(left)  making it onto the base for the first time today....Weak Chris Hayes segment on Manning tonight.  Meanwhile, my co-author Kevin Gosztola on HuffPost live

6:00 From Julie Tate:  "Bradley Manning Support Network forced to wear Truth shirts inside out today. Image coming soon."

5:10  Recess!  First day concludes.  Reporters race to files stories but tidbits on late-afternoon testimony should emerge soon. Here's L.A. Times on gov't trying to link Manning tightly to Assange, or vice versa.  PBS Frontline summarizes the day, and details the incident in Iraq the defense says inspired him to take action.

4:00   NYT new piece on Manning support network, money raising, protests today in the rain.

3:30  Prosecution presenting.  Much to do about Manning computer, chain of custody.   Pilkington: "US gov shows in court 2007 CD found in 's housing unit marked secret"--presumably Collateral Murder vid.   Gosztola:  "Special Agent Thomas Smith testifies in intel facility where worked there was secret classified information on walls."

2:10  From Julie Tate: "Even Coombs if can't talk motive in trial portion, did a nice job presenting motive in opening statement." Gov't will focus on forensic evidence from Manning's computer.  

1:45 p.m.  Another major claim, via Alexa O'Brien:  Gov't  "alleges 'and those chat logs the evidence will show are b/w PFC Manning and what the evidence will show to be Julian Assange.'" Gosztola with review of prosecution's opening statement.

12:45 Ed Pilkington: "lawyer David Coombs tells court soldier selected docs to leak to so they would NOT aid the enemy and harm US....Coombs tells court that at time leaked to he 'had a very internal private struggle with his gender.'"

12:40  Defense statement begins.  Gosztola: "suggests Dec 24, 2009, incident in Iraq where civilians were killed spurred decision to disclose info."  Mark Mardell: " defence says soldier was young man struggling, who wanted to make world a better place....soldier is a humanist who places people first, values human life."

12:15  From Gosztola: "Govt claims 'enlisted [Julian] Assange’s help in figuring out a way to browse SIPRNet anonymously.'"  Defense about to offer their opening statement.

12:05  Shocker from Alexa O'Brien just now:  Government "alleges in opening statement PFC helped edit Collateral Murder."  That's that Iraq vid edited by Assange and colleagues in Iceland.   From Ed Pilkington:  "US gov accuses of 'aiding our adversaries' to 'gain the notoriety he craved.'  Says leaking was massive and indiscriminate....prosecutor says Bin Laden asked for and got info put out on Wikileaks."

12:00 From Kevin Gosztola:  "Govt argues knew giving info to WikiLeaks would aid enemies because he read intelligence report on WikiLeaks."

11:30  Nothing new from feeds at the site in over half an hour.  Wi-fi has been and will be an issue.   Meanwhile, you'll find photo of the famous WikiLeaks Truck at the scene.

10:55 Already a recess, but now they're back.  Daily schedule looks like it will be 9:30 to 6:00 ET.

10:35  Manning confirms he wants trial by military judge alone.  Ed Pilkington:  "Govt does not object to stenographer recording trial - judge yet to rule - a bid to open proceedings to public."  Also:  "Manning had right to speedy trial within 120 days of arrest. This is day 1,100 and trial about to start. FINALLY."

10:30  From Kevin Gosztola:  "Govt prepared slide show for opening argument that they didn't let defense see. Judge, defense & govt are in secret conference." Both gov't and judged mentioned having openied up proceedings more to press after outcry.  From @BBCMarkMardell: "Manning briefly answered questions from the judge to show he understood the case 'yes, Yes, Ma'am.'"

10:10  From Freedom of the Press, which raised funds for this (with court restrictions on info):  "Just received word from : the stenographer is all set up in the Manning trial media room. This is excellent news for transparency."    @EdPilkington of The Guardian:  "I'm surrounded by a packed media crowd speaking umpteen languages."

9:55   From longtime key on-site source Alexis O'Brien @Carvinb:   "European press started arguing with MDW-- US press started arguing with European press. US press total doormats."   @SaveBradley:  "Cornel West and Chris Hedges are at Ft. Meade for Bradley Manning."

9:45  From my co-author Kevin Gosztola: "3 witnesses to be called: two special agents that investigated "crime scene"  & Manning's  former roommate in living quarters.  Govt will give 1 hour opening statement and then defense will give 45 min opening statement. Serious Wi-Fi issues in media center. Upset reporters who can't file during court proceedings too."  Watch Kevin on Democracy Now! today.

9:30  For mainstream reports from the scene, there's Charlie Savage @charlie_savage from NYT and Julie Tate @JulieATatefrom Wash Post.   Tate says media room full.  Almost never the case at most of the hearings.

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