Thursday, June 27, 2013

Matt Taibbi on 'Advocacy Journalists'

That is, in his view, all journalists.  His new piece for Rolling Stone properly hits Andrew Ross Sorkin and David Gregory (as I have) plus others who have their own bias, often damaging.   This quote on a distant subject got me thinking about this in a different way: "Try as hard as you want, a point of view will come forward in your story. Open any newspaper from the Thirties or Forties, check the sports page; the guy who wrote up the box score, did he have a political point of view? He probably didn't think so. But viewed with 70 or 80 years of hindsight, covering a baseball game where blacks weren't allowed to play without mentioning the fact, that's apology and advocacy. Any journalist with half a brain knows that the biases of our time are always buried in our coverage."

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