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Monday, June 17, 2013

Most Americans Still Oppose Arming Syrian 'Rebels'

 UPDATE  Now a Gallup poll finds 54% oppose arming rebels, with 37% backing.  Questions mentions "Obama" which accounts for more Dems backing the idea.

Earlier: While mainstream pundits and political figures left and right endorsed President Obama's decision to arm Syria rebels last week, polls from several weeks back showed that most American opposed such a move.  But, aha, the hawks cried--wait till polls come out in light of the "finding" that Assad had used chemical agents.  That's a game changer.

Well, a new Pew survey finds that 7 in 10 still oppose arming the rebels, mainly because they (60%) correctly realize that this ragtag bunch, including many jihadists and al-Qaeda backers, might be no better than the current regime.  And, for once, views were little different whether Dems, Repubs or Indies.

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