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Thursday, June 27, 2013

MoveOn Asks for Money for Wendy

MoveOn sent out email today to contacts, soliciting funds for state Rep. Wendy Davis's next run for office in Texas--whatever the office!  UPDATEIt's a whopping success, with $240,000 in pledges already, and counting.   Here's part of the text:

On Tuesday night, the nation's eyes were on Texas state Senator Wendy Davis, who bravely stood on the floor of the Texas Statehouse for 11 hours—without food or water—filibustering a bill that would have been a devastating setback for women's reproductive rights.

Earlier in the day, when hundreds of protestors packed into the Statehouse, the Legislature shut down their testimonies. So Sen. Davis stood for them. With support from Democratic allies, she launched her filibuster, reading aloud the stories of those who didn't get to testify.
That's what a true leader looks like. Let's make sure champions like Sen. Davis know that when they stand up for what's right, we've got their backs.
Will you show Sen. Wendy Davis you've got her back by making a pledge to support her in whatever office she runs for next? 

We must build on the groundswell of support we saw Tuesday, and stand together to fight back against these restrictive policies. And that's why building a war chest for Sen. Davis is more important than ever.
Let's show Republicans that—like Sen. Davis—we aren't afraid, and we won't back down.

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