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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Here We Go Again: Will Media Claims (and War?) Against Syria Over Chem Weapons

Here we go again.  As I noted during the last flurry a few weeks back, the U.S. media  in its news coverage (if not always in commentary) have repeatedly hyped very sketchy evidence of Syria's use of chemical agents against the rebels--then gone quiet when it was disputed or the White House said it was pondering the whole thing.  Always they highlight Obama's claim that such use would mean a "red line" had been crossed, meaning strong U.S. response.  Now they're at it again just now, with early coverage of the White House new claims, and promises to take action.  Again with the "red line."  And again with not emphasizing that it was small scale use at most, even if proven, some day--at most 100 to 150 killed.  Needless to say, Judy Miller's old co-author and tubthumper for wars, Michael Gordon, with a byline at NYT.   No doubt some official is calling  the evidence a "slam dunk."

And so now State Dept. calling for air strikes and more.   NYT highlights Bill Clinton siding with John McCain and other hawks calling for intervention.  Perhaps Obama will bring his friend and supporter Colin Powell out of retirement to make the Syria chem weapons case to the U.N.   Will Jonathan Landay and McClatchy again raise the questions they so boldly posed on the evidence re: Syria just last month?

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