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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Obama Compares Climate Change Deniers to Flat Earthers

He did it in his big speech today, and hooray for that.  But it raised the question?  Does the famous Flat Earth Society still exist? Indeed it does, and they even have their own podcast and merchandise shop with t-shirts etc.  See their site here.  And you can join up--you might even find a SCOTUS justice or two if they ever hold a D.C. meeting.   Apparently they still cite the UN map as evidence.  I forgot musician Thomas Dolby joined up back in 2001.  iTunes page here. 

Yes, the president of the group (he revived it after it got too flat) is on Twitter from London @danielshenton.  Most recent tweet: Watching David Attenborough's "Deep Ocean" episode. Really makes me thankful that I'm not plankton.

UPDATE:  Shenton in an email to Salon said that he believes in climate change: “I accept that climate change is a process which has been ongoing since beginning of detectable history, but there seems to be a definite correlation between the recent increase in world-wide temperatures and man’s entry into the industrial age,” he said. “If it’s a coincidence, it’s quite a remarkable one. We may have experienced a temperature increase even without our use of fossil fuels since the Industrial Revolution, but I doubt it would be as dramatic as what we’re seeing now.” 

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