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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

People Power

UPDATE #1  Lt. Gov. Dewhurst just tweeted:  "I pledge to Texas one thing: this fight is far from over."

Earlier: Like so many others, I "stood with Wendy" last night, posted this item, and covered final hours on Twitter.  Yet like so many others, went to bed with the bill seemingly passed anyway, right at, or just after midnight deadline--despite the inspiring People's Filibuster from the rafters which had prevented the final vote for 15 minutes.   But Democrats challenged that, as I noted, with still a chance abortion bill would be declared not passed, or challenged in court.

Well, woke up to find Lt. Gov. Dewhurst admitted that the people had won after allAustin American-Statesman has best local coverage, naturally.    Video at their site, don't miss. Historic. Dewhurst:  “An unruly mob, using Occupy Wall Street tactics, disrupted the Senate from protecting unborn babies.”  Re-play of final hour last night.  Wendy Davis: “Today was democracy in action,” she told the crowd. “You all are the voices we were speaking for from the floor.”  GOP Sen. Bill Zedler:  "We had terrorist in the Texas State Senate opposing SB 5."

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