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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Sounds Like Wendy Davis Will Run for Governor

Wendy Davis on Chris Hayes'  MSNBC show just now.  (UPDATE: You can now watch.)  Talked about "test of endurance" in Texas filibuster last night,  most notably in anticipating GOP points of order and trying to avoid them.  Says she did feel disrespect and condescension from colleagues, but "nothing new."  Mainly men who wanted to "intrude" on rights of women, "starkly in this case."

 Gov. Perry and Lt. Go.v Dewhurst "have led the charge in breakdown of decorum" and changed rules that bill could pass by simple majority.   Senate rules "became meaningless."   They "ran roughshod over the rules" and "they are going to do it again."  Those in gallery observed decorum until they could "no longer take it" when saw presiding officer's behavior.   Became "the people's filbuster" and she's proud--what democracy all about.

Asked if she would run for governor, she said she wouldn't lie and can't deny she  has had aspirations to run for state office--but will enthusiasm from last night "hold"?  If it does, "indications are that will be the case"--that is, she'd run for governor, it seems.  But those in other  states need to take up "the fight."  People do appreciate "when you take a tough stand." 

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