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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Upcoming Book With Bombshells on Hollywood and Nazis

UPDATE:   All this has sparked a lively debate.  Major new piece at the Chronicle for Higher Education. "Here's the arguable game-changer: Urwand unearthed evidence that suggests the studios were not merely self-censoring in an effort to keep their shareholders, audiences, and industry and government monitors happy. Rather, he says, the studios began working in detailed coordination with Nazi officials, putting profits above principles."

Earlier: NYT just posted piece on Harvard scholar's upcoming book detailing for first time considerable evidence of what he calls Hollywood studios heads of the 1930s--most of them Jewish-- "collaborating" with the Hitler regime on edits of films and more.  Free tours or studios no problem.  Some already claiming "collaborate" is far too strong but see what he dug up.  From my research for my book on Upton Sinclair's 1934 campaign for governor of California--Hollywood's first all-out plunge into politics--this somehow doesn't surprise me.  BTW, Hitler loved Laurel & Hardy, hated Tarzan.

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bidness is bidness, as they say in Texas.