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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Wendy Davis, America's Sweetheart

The new heroine of Texas (and USA), Wendy Davis--who carried out nine-hour filibuster (until silenced by GOP cheating) related to abortion bill in Texas legislature--won by only 6500 votes in her reelection bid in 2012, if you get my drift.  Also, in 2012, her office was firebombed with a pair of Molotov cocktails. She was not in office at the time and no one else was injured.  She commented, "It's unfortunate when things like this happen in the public arena. It reminds us of how important it is for us to remain very civil in our discourse and to work not to foment this kind of anger in our community as we discuss things that are challenges that we all face and care about."

UPDATE   As I turn in for night--huge crowd in gallery took over in final 15 minutes, disrupting vote--until after midnight deadline.  But GOPers say it counts anyway.  Uproar started when Sen. Van De Putte rose to complain, "At what point does a female senator need to raise her voice to be heard over the male colleagues in the room?"  I believe she had buried her father earlier in the day.  AP headlines: "Republicans pass new restrictions expected to close almost every abortion clinic in Texas." A fun look at the night, wit GIFs.  Much more to come.

UPDATE #2  Well, woke up to find Lt. Gov. declared bill dead at 3:01 a.m., admitting it passed after midnight after all. 

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