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Thursday, June 27, 2013

WikiLeaks Volunteer Also FBI Informer

Kevin Poulsen who goes way back in covering WikiLeaks at Wired--he drew praise and criticism after getting scoop on the Lamo/Manning chats logs, for example--breaks a story this morning linking a certain WikiLeaks volunteer (seen at left with Assange) to the FBI.  He calls himhe first known FBI informant inside WikiLeaks. For the next three months, Thordarson served two masters, working for the secret-spilling website and simultaneously spilling its secrets to the U.S. government in exchange, he says, for a total of about $5,000. The FBI flew him internationally four times for debriefings, including one trip to Washington D.C., and on the last meeting obtained from Thordarson eight hard drives packed with chat logs, video and other data from WikiLeaks. The relationship provides a rare window into the U.S. law enforcement investigation into WikiLeaks..."

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