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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Attack of the Cannibal Lobsters

Global warming causing record temps in waters off Maine, leading to record lobster crop--leading to too many lobsters with too much time on their claws, so they are starting to eat each other!  Video captures it, mixed with sci-fi film footage...BTW the way, if prices plunging, why do lobster rolls still cost $20 or more?

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Anonymous said...

I live in Maine.

You pay $20+ for a lobster roll, because the lobster has to be cooked, cracked, picked, and mixed with mayo by SOMEBODY. It's somewhat labor intensive, you see.

Depending on the restaurant, you might also be paying a built-in "Gullible Tourist Tax".

Right now, I can get lobster at the supermarket for $4.99 a pound if I bring it home and cook it myself. THAT'S where you'll see the plunging prices... not at a restautant.