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Monday, July 15, 2013

Bean Bags and Rubber Bullets in L.A.

Monday Update:  L.A. Times puts it this way: "nonlethal" rounds used.  Few arrests, little violence.   City-wide "tactical alert" called off today.

UPDATE #1:  CBS in L.A. says police confirm they used rubber bullets.  Live NBC view. Live KABC aerial view here.

Local TV reports that real trouble broke out at Trayvon protest when "mob" (their words) blocked a freeway this evening.   At a minimum cops fired bean bag projectiles--protestors claim also rubber bullets, but not confirmed. "Protesters marched onto the eastbound Interstate 10 near Arlington Avenue (map) on Sunday, shutting down the freeway for nearly an hour and leading to confrontations with police, authorities said. Los Angeles Police Department officers fired bean bags at protesters after some people threw bottles and other objects at officers, LAPD Commander Andrew Smith told NBC4."
Several people were struck by bean bags in a shopping center near 10th Avenue and Washington Boulevard in Mid-City, said Jasmyne Cannick, who tweeted photos of the protesters and said she and an attorney were observing the rally. "They're in pain and I don't know what's going to happen to them," Cannick said.
 A lot of action, as usual, in Oakland.  Livestream from NYC.

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