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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Beethoven--and the Bees' Needs

Kind of amazing.  I'm a big backer of endangered bees in this day and age but this is a bit much.   That film I helped work on with director Kerry Candaele, on the cultural and political (and musical) influence of Beethoven's Ninth around the world, was set to get its second screening anywhere tonight at the classic Fremont Theater in San Luis Obispo.  (We've also co-authored a book inspired by it.)   It had its premiere last month, to raves, in Santa Barbara and is set to show in 20 other cities and in NYC in October.  But Kerry warned me on Monday that they had discovered a large bee colony in the theater that they'd try to safely remove.   Sinfully in Bee Major?

I guess it didn't happen, because the screening has been moved, still on for tonight, to a complex where it will appear on two screens, with panel to follow.   Read all about the bee crisis here.  More on the film, the trailer, and our book here.  

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