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Friday, July 5, 2013

Fired Up, To Protect Property

Great Tim Egan piece at NYT on the real story of the 19 firefighter deaths in AZ--losing lives to protect summer homes and retirement villas, knowingly built or bought in top fire areas.  Naturally, the homeowners (many no doubt anti-government zealots) then demand that the public-funded firefighters do something to protect them. 
The homeowners know that living in fire country is different from living in the heart of a city. They know the elements — timber, grass, brush, wind, heat, lightning — and the difficult terrain mean that shiny fire trucks cannot arrive at their smoking doorstep on a minute’s notice. They’ve made a pact with combustible nature, a gamble.
And yet, once a galloping afternoon wind transforms a smolder into a sprint of flames, these homeowners expect the best of the best to be on the scene.

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Laurence Glavin said...

One person who owns property in Colorado Springs is Michele Malkin. it my be inside the City but fires in the area have been known to be indifferent to City Limits. I wonder if SHE has been urging on Federal andf State employess to protect HER property!