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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Greenwald vs. Toobin on CNN Re: Manning

UPDATE:  Now there's video.

Earlier:  Anderson Cooper's show had major segment just now with hot debate, Glenn Greeenwald vs. Jeffrey Toobin,  on who has sharply criticized Bradley Manning throughout.  Tonight Toobin says what Manning did was "appalling" and "disgraced others in military" and others.  Greenwald disagrees, points out bad people in government get away with crimes all the time and media often say little.   Journos like Bob Woodward has written "book after book" revealing bigger secrets--and Toobin, he says,  would never talk about him that way.   "People leaking all the time."

Toobin admits leaking done but "Manning released 700,000 or more cables."  Says "wrong" to say that's okay.  "Woodward a separate story," has noting to do with this.

Greenwald says government has "limited rights to secrecy" but that has been "abused."  The government "reflexively marks everything secret."  Says "baffling" that journos criticize Manning when what he did was what journalists are supposed to do.  Toobin: "It's not up to Bradley Manning to disclose."  Says "Don't know about you, Glenn,  but I admire the foreign service."

Greenwald says back in '70s they said Ellsberg was a traitor.  Then re cites litany of journalists in recent years, such as Dana Priest, who have been attacked fofr disclosing torture and black sites and the rest.    Greenwald: "If you're saying that is criminal" what kind of journalist are you?"  Toobin rejects that, says "thanks for the journalism education," and claims Priest and Woodward much different.  And Ellsberg just released papers he helped write himself.

AC points out that government has now said Manning leaks caused little danger.  Toobin still tries to claim threats and dangers for the future.  He adds will have big effect on Snowden--now likely to stay away from USA for sure.  Toobin also harsh critic of Snowden.

Greenwald: "So many people start sentence with 'I wish more transparency' then attack whistleblowers." 


Eamon O'Connor said...

Toobin is a hack.

Jerry McIntyre said...

Toobin said, "thanks for the journalism education." Indeed, Greenwald is qualified as an educator.

C. Rogers, Okie said...

My comment is really about Chuck Hagel re Manning. I just read he is considering transferring Manning for gender reassignment. Has Hagel lost his mind? What is wrong with this country that Manning should be rewarded for betraying his country with a procedure that is on our dime that he probably could not have afforded otherwise.