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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Hypocrisy, Thy Name is Fox

UPDATE:  A host of religion writers and directors of news services on religion have now blasted Green and Fox for this.   See lengthy Media Matters collection of comments

Earlier: To no one's surprise, it turns out that religion host Lauren Green, now infamous for that interview with Reza Aslan last Friday in which she demanded to know how he got the nerve, as a Muslim, to write a bestselling book on Christianity--surely, he is biased!--failed to ask the same sort of questions a Southern Baptist author who wrote a book about Islam.   Watch it here.  BTW, reports today that Green was actually Roger Ailes' first hire at Fox... Meanwhile, Aslan's book is #1 on Amazon and #2 at the NYT.

conservatives and other Fox defenders now going after Aslan for allegedly misrepresenting his expert credentials.  See here, one of the more restrained critiques, and check out comments there. 

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