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Sunday, July 28, 2013

Occupy Wall St. vs. Sorkin

Occupy was featured again tonight on Newsroom, with one of the Newsroomers--the blog guy, naturally--even getting busted at an early  protest (but getting the key footage out) and then being sprung by Jeff Daniels.    Here's how some OWS folks responded to how Aaron Sorkin handled them in the first episode last week, plus a clip of scene coming up in early August below.  Actress Aya Cobbwho plays an OWS "leader" or non-leader, at left.   UPDATE:  More mockery of Occupy in July 28 episode, coming from exec producer gal on show.   But she agrees to give OWS "spokeswoman" five minutes with Jeff Daniels.

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Anonymous said...

I have to wonder Greg, why no one seems to have connected the Snowden revelations to the nationwide DHS disruptions of OWS? It seems that most of the media are still have the blinders on and focus only on the foreign surveillance/national security aspects of the police state. It seems to me that one of the big features of 9/11 legislation was the merger of FBI/NSA/DHS into what at times and to some degree can function as a single global entity - global meaning both at home and abroad.