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Friday, July 12, 2013

'Racial Fear Mongering' in Preparations for Trayvon Verdict?

My new piece at The Nation.   UPDATE  Zimmerman's family just issued a perhaps tasteless statement, covered by CNN, noting that the prosecution and trial happened, as so many wished, and now everyone should accept the verdict calmly and peacefully and "pray" for the country.  Obviously aimed at Trayvon supporters.

Earlier:   Just now, 3 p.m., watching remarkable press conference live with Sanford police chief and Seminole County sheriff, pleading for calm as jury deliberates, but adding they are prepared for anything.  Sanford chief points out that protesters in past asked for prosecution and fair trial, which has transpired.  Also says "blue-ribbon panel" has probed issues and complaints and training to satisfy community.  Claims Sanford a "peaceful" place even if not "peachy-keen."  Then uses word "peacefully" a few times.  "We will move forward from here." 

If you missed, first photo of Trayvon's dead body on the grass just after shooting now circulated. 

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