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Monday, July 15, 2013

That Hastings Crash

Smart, detailed, piece at WhoWhatWhy on claims that Michael Hastings' car crash was not an accident but some kind of assassination plot.  Writer, a former crime reporter who came upon the scene just after the crash and viewed surveillance video just after with cops, starts out skeptical but finally seems convinced--"just" an accident, at speeds of 80 mph or greater.  Explosion pretty easy to explain--ruptured fuel line due to what car struck underneath. And more.  Writer still wants to know, of course, why Hastings was driving so fast. 


Guy Montag said...

Thanks for pointing out the link to that illuminating post. There's a lot of BS speculation out there. Nice to see some evidence based analysis.

Here was my take on the subject last month:

"I've been skeptical of the conspiracy theories concerning the crash. Usually in this country, the powers-that-be simply ignore you to death if they don’t like your writing. You’re “disappeared” from the mainstream media. Unless Hastings was onto something “so big” (NSA story) it threatened someone enough to take action."

"It looks like Hasting's car was going fast, lost control jumping the curb into the median strip, took out the fire hydrant (could have ruptured the gas tank leading to the fire) hit the tree with the left front of the car which ejected engine (rare but it happens), and the car pivoted to the right to rest at a 90 -degree angle from the road."

Note: I mistakenly assumed water was flowing from a sheared off water hydrant. There was no fire hydrant; instead some sort of irrigation piping. However, the water pipes mentioned in the post don't appear in google maps images (new?) although some do appear in the blocks further south.

"I’m no expert, but I have been a firefighter for 22 years and that scenario is my best guess based on what I’ve seen so far. The remaining question in my mind is why Hasting’s car was going fast and lost control. Tired? Reckless? (but friend said, ‘he drove like a grandma”?) Under the influence? (but hadn't he been on the wagon for 10 years?)."

"After reading the car hacking posts, hacking does seem like a possibility; but it seems a very iffy way of trying to off someone."

Note: I've included some links on the car crash "conspiracy theories" in Appendix G of my just updated post (Ver 2.3) "More Lies Borne Out by Facts, If Not the Truth" at the Feral Firefighter blog.

Guy Montag said...

Thanks for your 6-18-13 tribute for Michael Hastings. Since then, I've been working on my own tribute to Michael Hastings:

MORE “LIES BORNE OUT BY FACTS, IF NOT THE TRUTH” --The New York Time’s Disingenuous Obituary of Michael Hastings & Their Whitewash of Gen. Stanley McChrystal’s Role in “Le’Affair Rolling Stan,” The Pat Tillman Story, etc.

What started as a 2-page comment has now expanded to 30 pages (plus 30 pages of Appendices). Just posted my latest update a couple of days ago (expanded and more polished than last month's outline).