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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Wendy Davis Responds to Passage of Abortion Bill

Wendy Davis on MSNBC just now says no hope of stopping abortion bill in Texas Senate--no one capable of such a "super human" filibuster.    Other chamber passed about an hour ago by better than 2-1.  She again says bill would stop relatively few abortions but succeed in main aim of closing down clinics, which would halt so many more.   "We know it will have a devastating outcome," especially for poorer women who can't easily travel.  "Stepping back in time."  "Women are going to turn to unhealthy alternatives."  Also will have ill effect on well-women care due to clinics closing, many already have lost being able to go to clinics.  "Hypocrisy" of Republicans.   And to take away family planning only leads to higher rates of unplanned pregnancies, "inhumane."   "Big government at its worst."

Asked again to respond to Gov. Perry's claim that she hasn't "learned from her own example." She called it "unfortunate statement" and "demeaned the high office he holds."  She said she has "tough skin" but Perry shows "callous disregard" toward women.  She said she is still considering running for governor, seems to think would be valuable but may not be "right time" for state (i.e. still very Republican).

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