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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Assad Day Indeed

 Late Tuesday:  Classic NYT op-ed posted tonight, with this headline:  Bomb Syria, Even It It Is Illegal.
 "As a legal matter, the Syrian government’s use of chemical weapons does not automatically justify armed intervention by the United States. Bomb Syria, Even If It's Illegal."  There are moral reasons for disregarding the law, and I believe the Obama administration should intervene in Syria. But it should not pretend that there is a legal justification in existing law. Secretary of State John Kerry seemed to do just that on Monday, when he said of the use of chemical weapons, “This international norm cannot be violated without consequences.” His use of the word “norm,” instead of “law,” is telling.
A different view from James Fallows.

New relevance, perhaps, for my book on how Bush--and the media--got us into Iraq (for years), "So Wrong for So Long." 

 Earlier: My piece at The Nation collects media views on Syria, including those of "liberal hawks."

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