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Monday, August 26, 2013

Blast from the Pre-Butt Crack Past

Have to laugh at all those claiming Miley "crossed the line" at VMAs when lines were crossed long ago and few complained, ever celebrated it.  Also, some prominent TV liberals now mocking pundits who critique the seemingly mandatory, highly-sexualized, always suggestive, performances by most of the top female singers--from Grammys to Super Bowls--rather than hitting the long-running but now escalating trend in that direction.  As the risk of being accused of telling kids to get off my lawn, I will say that some of  us Boomers recall the 1970s, in the afterglow of the rise of feminism, when the top singers did not have to show cleavage, or thighs up to their waists, let alone butts or even butt cracks, did not grab their crotch or their partner's crotch.   Carole King.  Joni Mitchell.  Linda Ronstadt.  Stevie Nicks.  Patti LaBelle.  Aretha.   In that group, Debbie Harry was most "suggestive," but now seems quaint.   Then along came MTV and the rest is history.  And here's Patti Smith from 1976:

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