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Monday, August 5, 2013

First of the Baseball PED Suspensions Announced

UPDATE:  ARod penalty comes down, through end of next year, 211 games.  He is appealing, with arbitrator.  Scheduled to play tonight for Yankees, apparently "in the best interests of the game."  John Kruk on ESPN just said every single player he has talked to glad players suspended and wants no defense of players.  Unlike some sportswriter who claim to speak for players and union who back ARod playing while arbitration goes on.  Check out MLB statement:
Rodriguez's discipline under the Joint Drug Prevention and Treatment Program is based on his use and possession of numerous forms of prohibited performance-enhancing substances, including Testosterone and human Growth Hormone, over the course of multiple years. Rodriguez's discipline under the Basic Agreement is for attempting to cover-up his violations of the Program by engaging in a course of conduct intended to obstruct and frustrate the Office of the Commissioner's investigation.
Earlier:  Word emerging slowly.  A few surprises:  Bartolo Colon and Melky Cabrera get off, having served 50 games suspension based on prevous wrongdoing.   Jordany Valdespin of the Mets a new name to get penalized.  Nelson Cruz, Johnny Peralta, Jesus Montero and Everth Cabrera among the bigger names to accept the 50 games off, rather than fighting it.   Also, Yankees' injured catcher Francisco Cervelli.  No word for sure yet on ARod but presumably he will fight suspension to cover all of this year and next.  Anyone else fighting it?  Gio Gonzalez cleared.

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