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Thursday, August 22, 2013

Two Papers Hit Manning Sentence

The two newspapers that carried more of the material he leaked than any others both now call the sentence Bradley Manning received (thirty-five years) way out of bounds.

NYT editorial calls Manning sentence "excessive.... by any standard."  And adds:  "But the larger issue, which is not resolved by Private Manning’s sentencing, is the federal government’s addiction to secrecy and what it will do when faced with future leaks, an inevitability when 92 million documents are classified in a year and more than 4 million Americans have security clearance."

 Editorial at The Guardian:
Mr Manning, according to this logic, did more harm than the soldier who gave a Jordanian intelligence agent information on the build-up to the first Iraq war, or the marine who gave the KGB the identities of CIA agents and floor plans of the embassies in Moscow and Vienna. Mr Manning did three times as much harm in transmitting to WikiLeaks in 2010 the war logs or field reports from Iraq and Afghanistan, as Charles Graner did. He was the army reserve corporal who became ringleader of the Abu Ghraib abuse ring and was set free after serving six and a half years of his 10-year sentence.

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