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Monday, September 30, 2013

A High Note on 'Sopranos'

We finally finished re-watching all of "The Sopranos" episodes last night in order from season one.  (Oddly, we almost went to see the new Gandolfini flick in the afternoon.)  Certainly a revealing and rewarding way to do it and, yes, I'd forgotten so much (e.g. Adriana getting whacked much earlier than I'd thought).  The Cleaver movie pitch and shoot was wild and, of course, Chris and Little Carmine's sit-down with Ben Kingsley in Hollywood, and the swag bags, could hardly be funnier.  In final episode we see A.J. listening to Dylan's "It's Alright Ma" in his SUV--before it explodes in flames.  And so on.

Naturally, after final episode, I searched and found what claims to be--and seems to be--"the definitive" take on the final shot.  So, yes, I'd say the show did have the finality that some are now claiming it lacked--comparing it unfavorably to the close of "Breaking Bad."  Read it here, and the clip below.  No, I've never owned a Members Only jacket so don't look at me.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

really??? that was the ending???

to the viewers that followed that series that must have been a HUGE letdown!!! LOL

we would have tossed the teevee out of the window!!!

thankfully we never watched a single episode!!!

and really??? a MAFIA BOSS has NO protection with him at ALL TIMES !?!?!?

tell me another !!!