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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

AIPAC, and Congress, May Kill Iran's Nuclear Compromise

Andrew Sullivan probably nails it.  Truly, the hawks in Israel, and AIPAC, probably prefer the current tensions--any easing and they'd have to give up their dreams of bombing Iran.  And U.S. (and certain NYT reporters) yoked to it, seemingly.
The Greater Israel lobby will do all it can to prevent any conceivable deal that could ensure Iran’s right to peaceful nuclear energy – the sine qua non of any breakthrough. Which means they aim to kill diplomacy to get the war they have been wanting for more than a decade. In this sense, AIPAC is the American equivalent of Iran’s Revolutionary Guards in terms of scuppering any possibility of genuine peace, by refusing to treat Iran as anything but a pariah state. Israel, meanwhile, sits on a couple hundred nuclear missiles aimed in part at Iran. But that inconvenient truth cannot be uttered on Capitol Hill.

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Laurence Glavin said...

Off topic, but for your information: Jeremy Denk got a Macarthur Genius Grant today.