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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

D.C. Shooting, The Next Day

I did a live-blog all day yesterday (predicting early on that despite all the reports there was just one shooter) and now for the day after, updated from the top.

6:00 This ought to be the story of the day:  We know the shooter was able to buy a shotgun legally in Va. just days before the tragedy.  Now we learn that he tried to buy an assault rifle--but was denied because of law preventing that to out of staters.  And contrary to early reports, he did NOT use an AR-15 in his rampage.  He only had 24 shells for the shotgun he bought.

2:45 Andrea Mitchell tweets:   "NBC reports Newport RI police filed report told them 3 people followed him from Virginia sent vibrations into his body." 

2:00 p.m.  Police and FBI presser:  Police chief says police at building and returning fire within 7 minutes of first call...Shooter killed soon.   But carefully worded so possible he did shoot himself.  She talks of "final shots" and "final engagement." More reports of shooter using handguns and shotgun, not AR-15 (which was found nearby, source unknown)....Shotgun bought lawfully.

12:35  Pete Williams of NBC reports that police now feel it's possible that Alexis used two handguns and shotgun, and no AR-15.

11:30  Sports writer Mike Lupica on AR-15 as hunting rifles--for hunting humans.  "Lanza used one. James Holmes used one in Aurora, Colo. Aaron Alexis was found dead with one on Monday. Sometimes tactical use can mean movie theaters, elementary schools and, it appears, the famous Washington Naval Yard....This time the ones at the Washington Navy Yard were the hunted. They were the sport."

9:00 NYT on shooter's Navy record, and nearly getting a dishonorable discharge for various "misbehavior." 

8:30  CNN reports the shooter made contact with the VA twice recently re: "psychological issues."  AP says sources tell them he had been treated by VA for paranoia and "hearing voices" in his head--but still had that security clearance.  Also in dispute with employer over money. 

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