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Thursday, September 5, 2013

Iraq Re-Visited (Exactly in This Case)

Important Tim Arango story at NYT now--on Shiites in Iraq ready to "take on old adversary"--that is, the USA--if we strike Syria.  Will "pour over  the border" to defend Assad, even though their folks still getting killed in car bombings every day this week. “No honorable man will accept what the Americans want to do in Syria,” Abu Mohaned said, reflecting the view of Iraq’s Shiite majority who see any threat to Mr. Assad as an intervention on the side of a Sunni-led, Al Qaeda-aligned rebellion.
“America wants to help the extremists to control Syria, but they are wrong because we will defend our sect,” said Abu Mohaned, who is in his mid-40s and said any American military action would inspire Iraqi Shiites to send fighters and weapons into Syria. “They will commit a big mistake if they think it will be easy to strike Syria and change everything. We all have faith that God is on our side, and we will show them that the Shiites in all the world are able to fight their proxies from Al Qaeda and Nusra and the hated Free Syrian Army.” 

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