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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Meet the 'Goldberg'

Ace pianist Jeremy Denk, who I interviewed for my Beethoven book (he has since become a semi-regular New Yorker writer), coming out with his much-awaited take on Bach's Goldberg Variations,  and has already written well and wittily about.  How read more and listen to much of it at NPR site.

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Laurence Glavin said...

Pianist Andras Schiff will be performing Bach's "Goldberg Variations" AND Beethoven's "Diabelli Variations" in Boston on November 1st. That's a lot of variations in a single afternoon...maybe it could be billed as the "Battle of the Variations". When Anthony Tommasini, music critic of the NY Times wrote a series of columns a couple of years ago attempting to name the GEATEST COMPOSER EVER, he set aside Mozart, probably reluctantly, and wrote that Bach and Beethoven were the finalists. He thereupon selected Bach, and almost immediately afterwards, Frank Rich left the paper. The "Goldbergs" and the "Diabelli's" show both at the heights of their respective powers and a preference for one over the other may be personal.