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Thursday, September 5, 2013

MoveOn Moving Against War

We noted yesterday that MoveOn had put it to a vote of members--and 72% said they wanted the org to take a strong stand against the strike on Syria.  Now some plans and results, from email just now:
We're flooding the phones in every representative's and senator's office before the vote to authorize the use of military force—more than 20,000 calls in the last 24 hours alone. But that's not all we need to do to avoid history repeating itself.

MoveOn members and other progressives are gathering for vigils Monday evening to lift our voices against the drumbeat of war, and make sure that our members of Congress heed our unwavering demand to stay out of Syria. The simple truth is that President Obama doesn't have the support he needs from Congress right now to launch military strikes. But that'll only remain true if progressives show up in person in addition before most members of Congress head back for the votes.

If Congress may vote on Tuesday, then we need to hold vigils on Monday night that are so powerful and so numerous that they can't possibly be ignored on Tuesday morning—by the mainstream media or by our friends on Capitol Hill.

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